Wednesday, 29 March 2017

BCSC, BCIMC, Pepsi Co, Coca Cola Co and Conflict of Interest


We apologize for the typo however BCIMC is BC Investment Management Corporation not Insurance and Mortgage Corporation as previously reported.
 We have previously reported on the links between the BC Securities Commission and the BCIMC  in the following articles.
How-Are-BC-Securities-Commission-and Barrick Gold Connected?.html

The BC Securities Commission Holds $20 Million dollars of BCIMC 'securities'.
BCSC-Holds-BCIMC-Securities-Does-BCSC Know The Meaning of Words Like 'Conflict of Interest'?.html

 The BCIMC is an investment fund that has dozens of institutional investors as well as holding government pension funds for BC Govt employees. The BCIMC has investments in hundreds if not thousands of financial securities in all segments of the market.
 See the 2016 list of holdings for BCIMC here.

 We are especially interested to note the BCIMC hold a significant amount of shares in both Coca Cola and Pepsi Co.

 BCIMC's stake in Coca Cola is $100 Million Dollars

 BCIMC's stake in Pepsi Co is even more at $145 Million dollars.

 Our now defunct company U-Go Brands and its SuperDrop line of beverage products stood an excellent chance of going head to head with global giants such as Coca Cola.

 How can the BCSC claim a fair regulatory environment and say their is no biased against us when they literally have money invested in Corporations such as the BCIMC who own hundreds of millions of dollars worth of shares in competing companies? Was this a factor involved in ensuring SuperDrop and U-Go Brands never saw the light of day?

 See how the BCSC owns BCIMC 'Securities' from BCSCs 2016 Corporate Report.

 Is this not contrary to the rule of law as well as the stated purpose of the BCSC?

  Certainly the BCSC does nothing to promote a fair market, in fact it activly assists in racketering on a global scale.

 Of course Christy Clark is aware of this and yet has done nothing.
 Welcome to Vancouver BC - New Jack City

As always much more to come..

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